la carte

de bricolage


make + shift


shape + shift


slip + stream

literal ± figurative

re|troped on troping the tropes

Metalepsis. Mythopoeia. I am, therefore I met a trope; I metatrope, therefore I think. We exist in the strange loop of metaphor, metaphorically speaking; and it is impossible to speak, or to be, otherwise. We speak ourselves into being, as we create, and we consume. Join me at the table d’hôte to sample the mashup, méli-mélo, macédoine, salmagundi, gallimaufry, of this blog as it forms from the disassembly of my notional and notational existence (re/living in passage, in passages, in passing), predicated on the assemblage of various annotations re/arranged and re/aligned (writing, re/writings). Pull up a chaise.

prep + prop + place

the streaming|s of consciousness

Topos. Topology. Topography. Recursive/Reflexive. As I contemplate the templates of plating, the space and form of it, it’s all still half-done; a little in the rough, and slightly raw, even at the edges; not to mention muddled up, and along, and through; but awkwardly garnished, plated, and tabled, nevertheless. The erratically curated fare can only be described as a somewhat absurd, quite abstract/ed, percussional, con/fusion — in an experiential, or perhaps an experimental, state. A piecemeal of mind-matter, thought-things, and word-worlds; prepared through the mechanics of portmanteau, and the tectonics of montage. For those so inclined, bonne lecture!

on + of[f]

The coruscating clarity of the indeterminate, its illuminated opacity. Dreaming the transient and transcendence, seeking the transversals, the tangents, gathering topologies and tropes; moving with the detonation of denotations; working through the collusion of these collisions; finding, by the controlled implosion of the trajectories, the right worlds, in the best of all possible words.


Bricoleur. Artificer of coherence and cohesion, with the combined and compounded senses of (the reaction and the relation between) adhesive and articulation. Annotator of the spaces in things, and between things. Hacker and collider of the lexicon, syntax, semiotics. Comparative anatomist of the metanarrative, the trope. Conceptual alchemist of analogy, metaphor. Theoretical [meta]metaphysicist.